Project Presentation
The wastewater treatment project of the Overseas Chinese Town in Yunan Province
OCT Yunnan occupies an area of about seven square kilometers. In order to properly resolve the lawn watering problem of its golf course over the long term, it adopts PASG Technology to process its domestic wastewater produced from its office area, hotel, bath center etc in site, so as to be used in lawn watering, in addition to the processed rain drop collection for dry seasons. The construction period lasts for four months, wholly buried underground, and basically produces no remaining sludge, which saves the sludge processing expenditure. Good quality effluent water is all reused in building green belts with no odor and zero emission.
Technics Adopted: PASG Technique
Processing Capability:180 tons/day
Processing Standard and its effects:GB18918-2002 attained by Class A, Grade One
Inspection institution:The Chinese Oversea Town
Time estimated for investment and operation:January 2011

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