Economic Indicators
      Social Effects and Benefits
      China is now among the 13 most water-scarce countries in the world, which are deadly in need of water resources and seriously polluted.
      With the speeding up of the urbanization process, domestic wastewater emission grows rapidly and fiercely, which occupies over 70% of total wastewater emission.
      The technology introduces a novel and unique concept of constructing ecological gardens for environmental protection into the wastewater processment, which closely combines pollution governance with ecological environment landscaping, ecological environment amelioration of human settlement and the quality improvement of people’s life, while attaining the effect of beautifying the human residence in a large area by partially changing the environment.
      Ecological garden for environmental protection, as a novel education place, can affect people’s opinion unconsciously in a pleasant way, which is especially apparent for children. It will play an important role in moulding people’s temperament and strengthening their environmental awareness. Under this social mode, children will start forming good habits and behaviors of nature-loving since a very young age and show concern for the common living space of human being by taking actions to guard and greenify our homeland.
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