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Constructed Wetland Technique
      Constructed Wetland (CW)is an artificially constructed and supervised marshland,where the triple coordination of Physical Process, Chemical Reaction and Biological Properties of the naturally ecological system works, so as to realize the highly efficient purification towards the wastewater by the way of filtering,absorption,co-precipitation,ion exchange,phytoextraction and microbial decomposition.
      Its advantage is its competitive construction and opertion cost and simple maintenance management, besides, the effluent water after its processment has a good water quality.
Its shortcomings are as following. Firstly, it has quite a high requirement upon the influent water quality,and the removal of various organic pollutant is not ideal and enough. Secondly,its removal efficiencies of nitrogen and phosphorus are low, while being affected by climate and seasons. Thirdly,it occupies relatively large space,which is not suitable for areas with limited land resources. Fourthly,it is not applicable to the near northern or the northern areas.
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