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Other Improved Crafts
      Optimized and reformed on the basis of SBR Craft, many other new crafts of Activated Sludge Process in forms of CASS (Cyclic Activated Sludge System),CAST (Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology),ICEAS (Intermittent Cycle Extended Aeration) etc were developped. Besides, there are crafts like Biofilter,Bio-Contact Oxidation Technology,Biological Rotary Plates Method,Biological Fluidized Bed etc.
      Fundamentally speaking, for these general technologies and improved crafts on their basis of domestic wastewter treatment in urban and rural areas, their basic thoughts are centred with aerobic biochemical means or moreover,equipped with physical and chemical means. These crafts have their advantages respectively, while they all still remains a lot of unsolved problems such as high operational expenditure, complex functioning management, indispensable chemical dosing during the process,huge volumes of remaining sludge as by-product, unbearable odor in the facilities, and difficulty in dealing with the high concentration domestic wastewater and in ensuring the effluent discharge up to standard of the recycling water and so on.
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