Technology Introduction
PASG Technical principle
      PASG is primarily composed by two step treatments with anaerobic biomedical treatment as its first step and comprehensive biochemical disposal as its second step. The Aided Process consists of the dross filtering as well as sand-sinking in the front end and the precipitation, sterilization and sludge treatment in the back end.
       The waste water gathered by sewage pipe network will first enter into the adjusting pool for dross filtering and sand-sinking with the help of mesh grille, and then will be up lifted to the anaerobic biomedical pool for treatment.
      First of all, function of the anaerobic biological system (the main body), the anaerobic pool is installed with large quantities of fillings, where highly efficient phage types with advantage. Anaerobic microbial bacteria will grow on the surface of the fillings by adsorbing them, when the waste water is pushed through the fillings layer, the organic materials in the waste water will be degraded with the production of a small amount of methane, which will spill over the pool from the top vent pipe, under the influence of the anaerobic-bio-film on the surface of the fillings. The anaerobic biological pool can remove 70% to 90% COD in the waste water, while the nitrogen which exists in an organic form will be greatly released and transformed into NH3-N. And the first step, the main part of the waste water will be advanced by the controlling pump into the filter and then the second layer, the comprehensive biological pool. The sludge blocked by the filter will flow back to the front end of the anaerobic pool. In addition, a small amount of sludge will back flush the mesh grille of the adjusting dross filtering pool and anaerobic biological pool in accordance with the programmed control.
       Secondly, the comprehensive biochemical system which is Oxygen tolerant, whose major packings are the granular hard catalytic fillings, with the addition of superior bacteria and its carriers.
       Centrifugal fans or axial fans with small power are always equipped in the comprehensive biochemical pool to provide Oxygen and control aeration for that technical stage in a low-tension way, and the Oxygen volume will be commanded by the automatic controlling system FUSION, which functions by controlling the wind volume so as to produce a certain concentration of dissolved Oxygen in the waste water. Therefore a gradient distributional environment of dissolved Oxygen will be created in the comprehensive biochemical pool, so as to realize a general place where anaerobic, oxygen tolerant or aerobic bacteria communities can coexist. The NH3-N in nitrification waste water will be taken as nitrate nitrogen while being reverted to the nitrogen at the same time, with the CODcr being removed thoroughly. On another aspect, protozoa is bred for P to be enriched in its hinder sediment and finally broken away from the water body. The comprehensive biochemical treatment system has a strong biological capability to get rid of nitrogen, whose effect is especially outstanding for the domestic sewage with a low concentration. After the processing treatment of the comprehensive biological treatment system, the water will attain the emission standard.
       In consideration of the system stability, specially equipped anti-jam system and flushing unblocking system are also set in the comprehensive biochemical pool so as to solve the relevant problems in the situation of occidental plugging (up till now we have established more than one hundred sewage plants (stations) in Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan Provinces, with a very stable operation state and effluent quality, with only one anti-jam system having being used once for a dozen of years).
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