Project Presentation
The wastewater treatment project of Mumashan Villa in Shuangliu County
It was built in 2002, and occupies an area of 400 square meters. The construction period lasts for three months. The whole set of facilities is buried underground with its surface land covered by green plants, which is harmonious with the surroundings. With no odor or noise pollution, the processed effluent water is reused to make cascades in the landscape, for Car Washing or for irrigating the plants. Time of being put into service: May, 2002 Since its service entry the processment system has been producing and operating normally for nine years with a stable operation status, a low operational fee and no sludge as by-product or clogging phenomenon.
Technics Adopted: PASG Technique
Processing Capability:500 tons/day
Processing Standard and its effects:GB18918-2002 attained by Class A, Grade One
Inspection institution:Environmental Protection Bureau of Shuangliu County

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