Economic Indicators

One、PASG Technology/ Traditional Techniques --Chart of Economic and Technological Indexes in comparison (pure costs in operation)(1000 ton/day)
      Compared with SBR Technique and A/O Technique, PASG Technique can save 60~68% in operational fees, while compared with Hydrolysis-Aerobic system plus Artificial Wetland Techniques, PASG Technique will save 40% in operational fees. Suppose the sewage processing plant will be used for 20 years in average, after deduction for the investment difference, the adoption of PASG Technique can even save about 0.7-0.85 million Yuan operational fee by comparing with the Hydrolysis-aerobic system plus artificial wetland Techniques
item PASG Technique SBR Technique Hydrolysis-Aerobic System plus Artificial Wetland A/O Technique
Energy Consumption 0.09~0.11 Yuan/ton 0.18~0.20 Yuan/ton 0.11~0.2 Yuan/ton 0.25~0.28 Yuan/ton
Drug Fee 0.03 Yuan/ton 0.08 Yuan/ton 0.03 Yuan/ton 0.08 Yuan/ton
Labor Force Cost 0.05 Yuan/ton 0.08 Yuan/ton 0.03 Yuan/ton 0.08 Yuan/ton
In Total 0.17~0.19Yuan/ton 0.34~0.36Yuan/ton 0.22~0.31Yuan/ton 0.41~0.44Yuan/ton
In Total 5.1~5.7In Total 10.2~10.8In Total 6.6~7In Total 12.3~13In Total

      Notes: Cost in the Chart is estimated, and used only for reference. because of other techniques, the above operational management fees will be calculated on the base of the electricity price as 0.6元/ electrical degree. In this course, PASG Technology needs one part-time personnel (One full-time personnel can manage the sewage treatment facility which can process 2000-3000 tons sewage per day), whose monthly salary will be calculated as 1500 Yuan in the form of amortization. The other three techniques need more than one full-time personnel respectively, whose monthly salary will be calculated as 2400 Yuan.

Two、PASG Technique/Traditional Technique-Index Chart of environmental effect in comparison (1000 tons/day)

Three、PASG Technique/Traditional Techniques-Index Chart of operational stability in comparison(1000 tons/day)

      Notes: as far as the Hydrolysis-Aerobic System & Artificial Wetland is concerned, since the Artificial Wetland has a fairly high requirement upon the front-end technique, the influent CODcr loading must be strictly controlled, besides, this type of Technique has a very low anti-overload capacity against shocks, while the system needs a long time period to recover itself after any sudden occurrence of malfunctioning.
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