Technology Introduction
PASG Technical Feature
      The basic point of PASG Technology is to completely reject the techniques which mainly depend on aerobic biochemical treatment, but adopt a way with the anaerobic biochemical treatment as its main method and the comprehensive aerobic biological treatment as its auxiliary techniques. Therefore, it can fundamentally overcome such defects as high energy consumption, a lot of sludge, bad applicability that the traditional technology might have. That is because the process of anaerobic biochemical treatment itself doesn’t need Oxygen supply and energy consumption, besides, the accompanying sludge from this course is very little, while, the anaerobic bacteria is able to degrade some organic pollutant which may be difficult to be degraded by aerobic bacteria.
       Feature one: stable quality of the effluent after PASG Processing, which can be adjusted due to the users’ needs. If the requirement is to reach the defined discharge standard without second use, the least operational fee will be spent to arrive at or above the first class level, to say Standard GB18918-2002; if the requirement is to reach the level for urban versatile use such as urban afforestation, toilet flushing, vehicle washing, architecture construction and so on, to say Standard GB/T18920-2002, some more expenses for sterilization will be added.
       Feature Two: low cost in operation, which is 1/2 to1/3 of the operational fee that conventional technology will cost in the same conditions.
       Feature Three: to be landfilled as a whole, which is completely blended into the surroundings (There is no occupation of the land surface). Since PASG is based on anaerobic technology which is suitable to be landfilled, so the whole facilities can be buried underneath the earth, while the surface space above the ground can be used for afforestation, gardening, building ecological park or the footpath, parking area etc. Meantime, without occupying the whole piece of land, the project can make use of scattered underground space which can be any shape between the houses. Therefore, after completing the construction of sewage governing facilities, the gardening engineer can create a beautiful garden or leisure place above the ground beneath which the sewage processing station is located, which exactly corresponds to the opinion of ecologically protecting the environment, “establishing a sewage plant, returning a beneficial lively garden.”
       Feature Four: short construction period, which normally lasts for three to six months due to different disposal scale.
       Feature Five: intelligent management, which can operate automatically without watching personnel. By adopting FUSION controlling platform ( FUSION controlling platform on site, internet-connected data base, cloud-monitoring and parameter control in distance, auto-alarm in distance, unmanned station, mobile alarm, all electric motor controlled by audio frequency), the management and maintenance become simple and convenient to be supervised.(All the operational situation can be informed by short messages). Besides, the system has been embedded the function of automatic operation in safe mode in the condition of internet abnormal end, which can guarantee the safe operation of the system and equipment so as to avoid any damage.
       Feature Six: no negative effects upon the surroundings. There is no strange smell and no noise in the course of facility operation.
       Feature Seven: strong capacity against overload and shocks. Due to the reasonable collocations of the technologies, there is an increase in PASG’s resistance against overload sewage compared to the traditional techniques. Especially in towns and villages, the concentration of its domestic sewage is very unstable, which can be quite high from time to time, so it’s very important to install a system with strong endurance. While PASG places the highly efficient anaerobic treatment as its first stage, which leads to a very endurable nature of its system.
       Feature Eight: It an effectively process the sewage of low concentration. Since in both steps, the Technology adopts the same form as inoculation of microbial community, whose endurance against sewage with low concentration has more flexible changes due to the stability of fixed bacteria film.
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