Economic Indicators
      iii. Energy Consumption of the Water Pump: ( controlled by the variable frequency, where COSΦ≈1 with the function of the filtering capacitor within the frequency converter) Lift pump WQ125-9-7.5 Analysis of the model: Flow 125m3/h, head 9m, power7.5kw。Three times lifts:Energy Consumption 0.06×3=0.18kw.h/ton water
       iv. Energy Consumption of Fans: (fans 1.1kw,24-hour running, controlled by variable frequency , present running frequency in practice is 30-40Hz) According to fluid mechanics: P (power) =Q (flow) * H (pressure), Q (flow) makes direct proportion to first power of N (rotational speed), H (pressure) makes direct proportion to the square of N (rotational speed), P (power ) makes direct proportion to the cube of N (rotational speed), suppose the power of fans is fixed, when the required flow is adjusted to a smaller volume, N (rotational speed) will decrease proportionally, while the output P (power) of axes will decrease cubically at that moment, which means the power of the electricity consumption by the motor makes a approximately cubic rate to the rotational speed.
       Practical Power Output of the Fans:(35÷50)3×1.1=0.38kw
       Energy Consumption of Fans: 0.38×24÷800=0.01kw.h/ ton water
       v. Energy Consumption of the Washing Pump:P=4.4kw,which works twice per day for 10 minutes per time, that is:(10+10)÷60×4.4÷800=0.002kw.h/ton water
       vi. Energy Consumption of the Sludge Pump: Sludge Pump P=3.3kw,which works twice per day for 5 minutes per time, that is:(5+5)÷60×3.3÷800=0.0007kw.h/ton water
       Energy Consumption in Total: 0.18+0.01+0.002+0.0007=0.1927kw.h/ton water
       General expenditure for the Energy Consumption: 0.1927×0.8 Yuan/kw.h=0.154 Yuan/ton water(Electricity Price:0.8 Yuan/electrical degree).
       Among which, the two main factors which affects the expenditures of energy consumption are, first, after the sewage plant(station) is established, there is no standard requirements for choosing the electricity type ; secondly, there are price differences for industrial electricity, municipal electricity, civil power apply, commercial electricity and rural electricity in various places, so the expenditure for energy consumption in practice needs to be calculated according to the real local situation.
       The data used in calculation of the energy consumption in total are basically consistent with the actual electricity bill incurred and the flow data collected in a statistical way, while the other parts like human power, management and so on in the operational expenditure will differ a lot due to various ways of management and different areas, which therefore are not included in the calculation.

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