Economic Indicators
Analysis about the investment cost and operational indicators of PASG wastewater processing technology

Cost of Investment
       PASG In the practical implementation of PASG Technology, many factors will affect the cost. The relatively more important factor is the scale of the engineering project, since the small scaled ones will demand more facilities and equipment for processing the water of per unit weight. Other factors include the requirements for effluent quality, the geological situation and the proportion of the green area on the earth surface. Take the sewage processing station which processes 500 to 5000 tons waste water per day as an example, if the effluent water must reach A level of the first class, and the surface of the earth is basically all green, the investment will be 2500 to 5000 RMB per ton waste water, with some cost fluctuate space due to area differences.

Economic and technical indicators of PASG Technology application into domestic wastewater processing

Economic and technical indicators of PASG Technology application into domestic wastewater processing Investment in wastewater processment per ton (yuan/per) Operational fee (yuan/ construction period(month) Space occupied(square meter/ton)
direct discharge 2500~5000 0.15~0.25 1.5~6 0.7~1.2
       The above form is estimated on the base of direct discharge of the effluent water, of which the investment fee varies a lot by taking different qualification standards. The investment fees on hardware for reusing the effluent water are not included. According to different scales, the main economic and technical indicators are listed as below:
       Land occupied: 0.7-1.2 m2/m3 domestic wastewater ( The land surface can be used as normal.)
       Engineering Project Investment: 2500-5000 yuan/ m3 domestic wastewater
       Operational fee: can be controlled to as no more than 0.3 yuan/m3 domestic wastewater (under the condition of the Electricity Price: 0.8yuan/electrical degree, calculated after practical operation tests)
       Construction Period: The construction of wastewater processing facilities can be completed within two to six months.
       Commissioning Period: It varies a lot according to seasons, normally one to three months.
       Working Life: If the normal maintenance of the wastewater processing system can be guaranteed, it can be assumed for a stable use in the long run.。

Operational Fee Analysis of PASG Technology
       Now we take the sewage treatment station located in Commune Four, Fangbei Village, Anjing Town, Pi County as an example, to specifically describe the operational fees of PASG Technology in practice. Its sewage processing capability equals to 2000 tons per day. The premise contains no budget for part-time personnel and the depreciation expenses for instruments and equipment but the position setting for one full-time employee.。
       It was measured that the sewage processed by the above station attained a volume of 800 tons one day. The detailed operational cost is as following:
       i. Electricity Bill: ii. Installed Capacity: 74.5 KW (in which the power for standby pump is 24.9 kw) )

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