Economic Indicators

                              Changing the wastewater into clean spring water

       As our goal is not only to govern the pollution, but also protect the urban ecological environment; not only to process the urban wastewater, but also to strengthen the environmental conscious of the public; not only to heal the bad environment, but also to beautify the present environment; not only to manage the wastewater, but also to reuse the wastewater, we applied the garden and plants into the course of wastewater processment. We firstly initiated the completely new concept of wastewater processment, that is “Carrying out the urban wastewater processing project while establishing the landscape garden; building the wastewater processing plant into a ecological environmental protection garden; adding a new site of landscape garden”
       We hope to establish an “ecological environmental protection park”on the surface of the wastewater processing plant, which possesses both the entertaining and environmental education function for the public. The implementation of this concept will have a profound meaning and value upon the short-term and long-term ecological environmental protection in our country.
       At the moment the government is increasing the investment in environmental protection, as a result, energy saving and emission reduction has become one of the basic policies of the State.
       The existing circumstances of water resources in short supply, make the career of wastewater processing a difficult and long-lasting task.
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